Hidden Camera With Audio-Product Review

Absolutely no one will recognize this car key for what it really is. It is an amazing remote car key fob with a hidden camera, mini DVR and micro microphone all in one tiny package giving the user enormous capability and flexibility. Our website provides info about  hidden camera
It can record up to one hour before it needs to be recharged. No drivers or outside power source is needed. It will charge plugged into your computer with the included USB cord.
It holds 8 Gigs of files which you can watch on practically any media software that supports AVI files. This is over 3 hours of recorded material before you need to delete or download. Just view on your computer.
This neat technological advance can record video, audio and take still shots. The camera resolution is an astounding 1280X960 pixels with 640X480 for the video resolution.
Here’s how it works. To use the video mode when device is turned off press OFF/ON button until the yellow light turns on; press(Play/REC) until yellow light flash three times now unit is recording video. Press the (Play/REC) to stop recording. Press and hold OFF/ON to switch off.
To use the camera mode in turned off status press the on/off button until yellow light goes on; then click the play/rec button until the yellow light flashes one time. Then take one photo at a time again and again. Press and hold the on/off button to switch off.
Every car key hidden camera package comes with the car key DVR, a USB cord for recharging and transferring video/photos, and a user manual all in a great looking gift box
This may be the perfect surveillance tool for home or office and especially for the surveillance professionals in law enforcement and Private Investigators who love them because of their discreet audio and video recording capabilities.

This new cool surveillance tool gives you unparalleled capability when it comes to video, audio and still shots. The flexibility is amazing at a very reasonable cost in such a tiny package.
When you need to find out what is going on at your home or business this is the easiest, best and most cost effective way to do it. Hidden cameras have never been easier to use. Nor have they ever been more covert.
When you need a no brainer way to record audio and video of an undercover nature this is your tool. As always technical support is available at no extra cost.

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